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  •  A clean window may be the first thing a person notices when walking up to your home or business, so it's important to keep the dirt and smudges away. The technicians at Dragon Services know this, which is why they provide a range of window-washing services designed to keep your window  panes looking spotless. They sponge and squeegee glass on the interior and exterior, removing any marks that might detract from an otherwise pristine appearance. 

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Dragon Management Services, established in 2008, is family owned and operated, and has been providing business and consumers with outstanding service sustaining windows and solar panels. We value every one of our consumers and work to ensure full and complete satisfaction.

Bill Sanchez, owner, has 36 years of experience as of January of 2019. Our client list continues to expand in Albuquerque, Rio, Rancho, Bernalillo, Placitas, Edgewood, Cedar Crest, Sandia Park, Taos, Tijeras and as far south as El Paso, TX.

Clean Solar Panels or Windows will possibly be the primary object a person notices 

when  walking up to your business or home, so it's important to keep the dirt and 

smudges away. The technicians at Dragon Management Services wash and squeegee glass on the interior and exterior services. We provide a range of Window-Washing and Solar Panels services designed to keep your panes looking spotless.

Dragon Management Services maintains the pristine appearance of Solar Panels using a Water-Fed system solely to not damage the panels.

Water Fed Cleaning Vs. Traditional Washer and Squeegee is quite different in technique and equipment used to clean solar panels. Traditional Washer and Squeegee uses multiple equipment and multiple users. Correspondingly, time of day matters because of the temperature the solar panels will absorb.  Traditional Washer and Squeegee uses soap which will leave a residue on the solar panels, therefore attracting dirt.

Water Fed Cleaning is eco-friendly because of the benefits of the water-fed pole that

uses filtered water. This means that they don’t require any chemicals or cleansing 

agents. Water Fed provides a far better result than the traditional soapy 

water methods. Additional advantage is that your solar panels will stay cleaner longer because there is no soap residue or water impurities that are left on the solar 



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